PoolStar ® is an end to end market specialization platform for real estate professionals who want to command and control the US housing market with in-ground swimming pools (5.3 million units 80 000 built new every year and averages 10% of the annual US residential real estate sales).PoolStar ® is comprised of three highly coordinated resources: 1) POOLFAX ®the first centralized pool assessment & inspection platform providing realtors a global standard to reduce buyer concerns and unnecessary seller pricing concessions due to inspection inconsistencies. 2) POOLSTAR ® PLATINUM the first centralized concierge service for transitioning pool owners that eliminates the pain of pool ownership from listing through ownership transition renovation & repair and back (over 70% of the pool inventory is 21 years old and never been remodeled or updated). 3) THE POOL PROFIT ( ) is the first original entertainment series created by our video and social media production team to establish an on-demand streaming platform within real estate branded technologies. Where advertising and marketing becomes practical application entertainment not a distraction.COMMAND OF THE MARKET means command of the data with PoolFax® command of the consumer media with The Pool Profit and command of the ownership experience from owner to owner with PoolStar ® Platinum.